Doula Services


Labor Support Package:   -$600  (Hospital or Home birth)

Prenatal visits ( 2)  - one after time of hire and one between 32-36 weeks.
During prenatal visits we will cover:
 Birth planning
 What to expect
 Labor and delivery options
 Comfort and pain reduction methods
 Prenatal care and planning
 Questions and concerns
Prenatal support is provided during your entire pregnancy via telephone.
2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your "due date" I am on call for your birth.

Labor Support:  - for the duration of your labor at home and/or the hospital
Labor support includes:
 Facilitation of communication between you and your care provider
 Pain managment and comfort support and assistance
 Emotional/Physical support for you and your birth partner
 Breastfeeding support

Postpartum Support: - 1 home visit after your return home from the  
hospital, or between day 3 and 5. Support continues by phone as long as
Postpartum Support Includes:
 Breastfeeding / baby care support and information
 Review your birth/ hear your birth story
 Check your healing and well being
 Discuss any concerns

Please note: All clients will be provided with a back-up doula in the event that
I am unable to attend due to an emergency or illness. This will be discussed
at the first prenatal meeting.
Birth Planning Package:  - $250 (Prenatal support only)

Prenatal support is a great way to have 1 on 1 attention in planning your  
birth. This is not to replace an extensive chilbirthing class, but can be a  
great opportunity to customize your wishes for your birth.

Birth Planning Prenatal visit should be completed prior to your 36th week  
and will take place in your home.

During prenatal/planning visit we will cover:
Your birth plan
What to expect
Labor and delivery options
Comfort and pain reduction methods
Prenatal care and planning
Questions and concerns
Prenatal support is provided during your entire pregnancy via telephone.
I provide Doula services for hospital and home birth in the following areas:
Morrow, Richland, Crawford, Delaware, Marion, Knox , and Franklin
Counties.  Please contact me for a phone consultation if you are
interested as my schedule is limited to 2 births a month.

Thank you to my friend Lakshmi for allowing me to use the image of her beautiful
baby Siddha belly!  Belly art work was done by
We were hesitant at first but after 5 minutes in our initial meeting we were completely sold. The
best thing about Lisa wasn't the well researched information she gave us or the clear and
organized birth plan. And it wasn't her calming, gentle presence in the delivery room. It wasn't
even the expert way she helped kick Heidi out of a lull in labor when we got to the hospital, or the
fact that she was the first person in the room to notice that the baby was crowning before the
doctor got in. The best thing about Lisa was that when we decided on a course of action for our
plan that was different from her philosophy, she not only accepted our decision but advocated it
in the delivery room. Having delivered our first without and our second with the help of a doula I
strongly recommend 'with'. And I can't imagine a better one than Lisa!- R.W.